EcoloWizard for Home, Boat & RV


Home septic systems aren't something most of us think about on a daily basis...UNTIL they become a problem.  And, if you have a septic problem, it stinks.  Literally.  The tricky part about septic systems, is that you don't really know what's going on under the surface until it's too late!  A septic overflow is not only extremely expensive, but a VERY smelly problem. 

Taking care of your home septic system can be as easy as one, inexpensive monthly treatment with our unique bio-stimulant product that will not only breakdown septic waste 7-10 times faster than the other leading products, but will ELIMINATE any smell associated with your system.  A clear system with a low sludge line is a happy system.  And a happy septic system means you don't have to worry about a potential overflow.

Your home septic system is like a mini, underground sewage treatment facility.  And with that, can experience many of the same issues faced by city wide water treatment facilities, such as odor problems, and corrosion of tank elements.  Sludge build up can lead to an expensive overflow, smelly back up through your home water lines, and the sulfide gasses released can cause corrosion of equipment.  And, if you have a home septic system, you know that an overflow, or repair of corroded equipment can be extremely costly.  

The Ecology Company's EcoloWizard Formula is the most effective way to maintain a healthy tank.  Our patented formula creates a hyper-aerobic environment that "super charges" the bacteria responsible for breaking down waste.  Faster waste breakdown means low sludge levels and a healthy flow of waste water.  When bacteria have an abundance of oxygen, as provided by EcoloWizard, they are able to breakdown waste faster and more efficiently, without the release of enzymes that create sulfide gas, and therefore foul smells.  

EcoloWizard can also be used in boat and RV holding tanks to reduce waste and smell in between pumps.  More oxygen means faster bacterial action, less methane gas, less odor, and a less frequent need to dump your tank!

EcoloWizard does not contain any harmful ingredients, is biodegradable, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.  We guarantee this to be the fastest and best product on the market today for eliminating organic odors and decaying organic waste.


The following testimonial is from a VERY happy customer, who began using EcoloWizard in the midst of a large septic overflow.  Spoiler alert...his $50 investment in the EcoloWizard product ended up saving him around $10,000 in septic replacement costs!  Check out his story:

"Septic System Update:

This is the result of using the product on My Property in WA state on Puget Sound. The tank was pumped out March 3, 2018 and Started backing up June 1The Tank is 500 gall tank and there is 270 lineal feet of leach field. All systems are over 50 years old and installed to Military standards. No other additives have been added to the system in the last ten years. 5 systems in the complex of 6 systems have already required replacement at cost 10k each. This system is attached to a Duplex with 5 people living in one, and 4 living the other unit with 2 toddlers. Both units have a washer directly attached to the system.

You can see where we started with the black goo overflowing the tank. The smell was horrific. Even the neighbors were complaining several hundred feet away. It was like that for 4 days until I could get some product to them. They started treating the first day after they got they product with 2 oz every other day for 10 days (5 treatments). The odor went away immediately. The black goo went away after a few days (granules sprinkled directly over the top of the affected area). The water level started dropping after 3-4 days and the water was clear. Then it kind of stopped dropping. At that point we supercharged with 4oz (about day 13-14), and the water level dropped about two feet. We are continuing to treat and the water level is still dropping. It appears at this point that this product retail value of about $50 in total is going to save me $10k."