EcoloWizard for Waste Water Treatment

EcoloWizard Waste Water Treatment Formula is the ultimate solution for large scale waste water management, and helps to solve the two largest issues associated with waste water collection and treatment: odor and infrastructure damage.  Our patented biostimulant product is a comprehensive solution to both of these issues, caused by the release of sulfides, in an environmentally safe and cost effective way.


Odor complaints are a serious issue in neighborhoods surrounding treatment facilities.  The foul odor is a result of hydrogen sulfide gas resulting from the breakdown of solid waste, and presents a real problem in city treatment facilities in urban areas.  

When water is released from a force line into a gravity flow line, the turbulence of the waste water releases additional sulfide gas, which creates a serious odor problem at the downstream manholes, where it can escape into the community in extremely high levels.  

EcoloWizard Waste Water Treatment Formula dramatically reduces, and can even completely eliminate the sulfide gas byproduct. Our patented formula creates a hyper oxygenated environment that feeds the bacteria responsible for waste elimination, accelerating the breakdown of waste, and in the process, eliminating odor causing sulfides.


Hydrogen sulfide gas is not only a nuisance, but can also cause severe damage to the treatment system infrastructure.  The presence of hydrogen sulfide gas, along with oxygen and certain bacteria produces sulfuric acid.  Sulfuric acid can cause corrosion of both concrete and metal elements of the collection infrastructure, which can lead to extremely costly damages and reduce the overall life expectancy of the infrastructure.  

EcoloWizard Waste Water Treatment Formula, applied via a simple chemical injection pump in the lift station, eliminates the dissolved sulfides while providing the necessary nutrients and oxygen to prevent further formation of hydrogen sulfide.  

EcoloWizard is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, requires no special handling or storage, and is extremely cost effective.  


Grease traps located at waste water treatment facilities are another messy element of waste treatment.  F.O.G. build up in grease traps creates foul odors, and a need for the traps to be periodically emptied.  Treating grease traps with EcoloWizard Water Treatment Formula controls the grease levels, eliminating the need to have the traps emptied, and removes buildup on the walls of the system. Our patented formula provides an ideal environment for the bacteria responsible for the elimination of waste, allowing the bacteria to aerobically digest the F.O.G. at a rapid pace.



Nature provides us with a natural system to break down human and animal waste into nutrients necessary for plant growth.  Facultative bacteria are responsible for this break down process.  These bacteria can exist in either an aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (without oxygen) state.  

Anaerobic bacteria exist in a state without a readily available source of oxygen.  But, since they do require oxygen in order to do their job of breaking down organic waste materials, they must create enzymes that release oxygen molecules from compounds present in the bio mass.  This anaerobic bacterial process creates by-products in the form of sulfides, ammonia gas, and methane gas. Sulfides will produce Hydrogen Sulphide gas (H2S), which is responsible for the foul odor and corrosion associated with waste treatment. 

Aerobic bacteria exist with a readily available source of oxygen, and have been found to be many times more effective at digesting waste. It has been shown that aerobic bacteria can achieve in as little as 6 to 8 hours what anaerobic bacteria would take over 60 days to achieve. In the aerobic state, the production of sulfides, ammonia and methane is eliminated, and the bacteria produce only small quantities of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen gas (N), as well as the nutrients required for plants, as byproducts. The aerobic state digests much more waste in a shorter period of time than the anaerobic state, and produces no toxic by-products. 

EcoloWizard Waste Water Treatment formula creates a hyper-aerobic state, which "super charges" the aerobic bacteria, allowing them to breakdown waste upwards of 7-10 times faster than any other leading product, AND eliminates odor and corrosion of infrastructure. 

EcoloWizard products are made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients which stimulates the naturally occurring bacteria that digest waste and oxygenates the environment in order to keep feeding those micro-organisms. The result is the prevention of hydrogen sulphide and its malodourous by-products, hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S).

EcoloWizard is the only product that effectively delivers a comprehensive solution to the problems associated with hydrogen sulphide in wastewater, without the limitations in performance, cost or safety typical of other options.

EcoloWizard is comprised of Oxygen, Water and Nitrogen. It is safe on the skin, harmless to animals and is 100% biodegradable. It is a non-biocide, non-enzyme, non-bacterial, non-volatile, pH neutral product that may be sprayed on or mixed with odor producing organic waste.

EcoloWizard does not “mask” the odor. It actually eliminates odor by halting the production of sulfides.