EcoloWizard for Plant Growth

Our patented biostimulant is a proprietary compound that stimulates nature's facultative bacteria into a more aggressive hyper aerobic condition. It “super charges” the bacterial growth by supplying the oxygen, vitamins, carbon and other nutrients to speed up plant development and produces a healthier plant that requires less chemical treatments to ward off disease and unwanted pests.

EcoloWizard works with the natural bacteria resulting in faster growth, higher yield, and increased profit, while reducing fertilization needs as much as 50% and irrigation demands as much as 10%.


Hyper aerobic bacteria digest organic materials and produce the nutrients plants need to grow and thrive.  Our patented biostimulant produces a hyper aerobic condition that cannot be achieved with additional enzymes, bacteria or other materials, which significantly improves the plant's ability to use the organic material in the soil as a source of nutrients.  The improved soil bacterial action allows a significant reduction in the need for chemical fertilizers, aeration, and also reduces irrigation needs by improving the root system's ability to absorb nutrients from the soil.

EcoloWizard is NOT a fertilizer, and does not treat or nourish the plant itself.  Our product stimulates the bacteria that live in, and process the organic materials within the soil.  Adding EcoloWizard to the soil around plants will increase the rate of decay of organic material by super charging the bacteria responsible for this process. The Decaying of organic matter produces the Nutrients that plants need for healthy growth.  EcoloWizard ’s reaction with organic material (bio mass) is the same as nature’s reaction, only accelerated by the addition of large amounts of oxygen along with other nutrients and minerals.

EcoloWizard does not contain peroxides, enzymes or bacteria, and is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and non-toxic.  


In this case study, 6 four-inch plants were grown side by side, in identical conditions, for 6 weeks.  Number 1 plants did not receive any EcologyWizard treatment. Number 2 plants each received 1/4 teaspoon of EcologyWizard, and number 3 plants each received 1/2 teaspoon of EcologyWizard.  The results of the 6 week case study show a dramatic acceleration of growth in the plants treated with EcologyWizard versus those that were not, with those plants receiving a slightly larger dose showing the largest growth.*  

*Please note, with EcoloWizard, more is not always better.  The dose of treatment is specific to the size of the plant as well as the conditions of the soil.  Please contact us for soil treatment information and specific dosing suggestions, as OVER-DOSING CAN CAUSE PLANT DEATH.




ECOLOWIZARD BIOSTIMULANT for Accelerated Plant Growth