About Biostimulants

What is a biostimulant, and how does it work?? 

This is perhaps the number 1 question we receive, so we thought we'd take the chance to explain a little more about what a biostimulant is, how it works, and how EcoloWizard can work for you!

According to the European Biostimulants Industry Council, biostimulants are defined as:

Contain[ing] substance(s) and/or micro-organisms whose function when applied to plants or the rhizosphere is to stimulate natural processes to enhance/benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, and crop quality.”

In other words, a true biostimulant is a substance that stimulates, or expedites the already occurring natural processing of organic material.  In order to understand what a biostimulant does, it is first important to understand a little bit about this process. Microscopic bacteria are responsible for the breakdown of organic materials, as found in soil, compost, waste, etc.  When these beneficial bacteria are plentiful and healthy, the decomposition of organic materials is more efficient. 

For instance, a healthy home septic system high in beneficial bacteria will break down waste efficiently, keeping sludge levels low and the system running at its best.  However, sometimes the bacteria are unable to break down waste quickly enough, and waste can build up.  Traditionally, this problem is solved by using products that introduce more bacteria into the environment.  However, our patented biostimulant creates a hyper-oxygenated environment that stimulates the existing bacteria and allows them to break down and process waste more quickly.

Similarly, compost is created when organic materials are broken down by bacteria, creating a nutrient dense byproduct that can be used as fertilizer.  Adding a biostimulant, such as EcoloWizard, adds oxygen to the compost (decaying food material) environment and stimulates the bacteria to process the waste more efficiently.  Adding EcoloWizard directly to the soil oxygenates the soil environment and stimulates the bacteria to process existing organic material found in the soil more quickly, thus creating a healthier, more nutrient dense soil and encouraging faster plant growth and higher crop yield.

Is EcoloWizard Organic or Non Organic?

Many of our customers use EcoloWizard to accelerate plant growth and increase crop yield, which always begs the question, is EcoloWizard organic? We wish there was a simple answer to that question, but in reality, a true biostimulant product is neither organic or non-organic.  Let us explain...

EcoloWizard is not a fertilizer!  Although it can help to create a healthy soil environment, and can have a very positive effect on plant growth, it does not affect the plant or its soil directly, like a traditional fertilizer does.  In the context of plant growth, EcoloWizard stimulates the beneficial bacteria that are present in the soil by providing them with extra oxygen.  When these bacteria are stimulated and working more efficiently, the organic materials in the soil are broken down faster, and the soil becomes healthier and more nutrient dense, therefore allowing the plants to grow faster and produce more.

The more soil bacteria , the better plants grow and produce

EcoloWizard is not used directly by the plant.  The compounds present in EcoloWizard only stimulate the beneficial bacteria to process and decompose organic material in the soil more quickly, which creates a healthy soil environment for the plants to grow.  The composition of EcoloWizard is neither organic or non-organic, as it does not interact directly with the soil, nor is it absorbed into the plant itself, rather it stimulates the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria living within the soil environment.

How can the same product be used for the breakdown of waste AND to accelerate plant growth?

The seemingly complex answer to this question is actually quite simple.  Decomposition of natural (organic) materials is part of everyday life.  Leaves on the forest floor are constantly being decomposed by bacteria, which processes the material and returns the nutrients into the soil, which, in turn, benefit the rest of the trees and plants in the forest.  At the same time, farm or septic waste is decomposed by bacteria, with the nutrients returning to the surrounding soil.  Our biostimulant does not directly decompose waste or encourage plants to grow, however, it creates an optimal, hyper-oxygenated environment for the bacteria that are responsible for these processes.  When these bacteria are happy, they can do their job much more quickly, and give YOU the results you are looking for.