EcoloWizard 1 GALLON - Super Concentrate Liquid Product

EcoloWizard 1 GALLON - Super Concentrate Liquid Product

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EcoloWizard BioStimulant treats problems found in septic and holding tanks, agricultural waste ponds and sewage treatment plants. It supplies the oxygen, vitamins, carbon and other nutrients to the existing bacteria enabling waste breakdown 7x-10x faster than any other product or solution. EcoloWizard does not contain peroxides, enzymes, or bacteria, and is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and non-toxic. 

EcoloWizard is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.  

Available Sizes & Pricing:

1 PINT (8 fl oz) - $19.95

1 QUART (32 fl oz) - $29.95

1 GALLON  - $59.95

5 GALLONS - $249.95

30 GALLON Drum - $1,299*

55 GALLON Drum - $1,999*

250 GALLON Tote - $6,999*


This product can be used in small systems and holding tanks, as well as large scale water treatment facilities.   Please contact us for information on bulk and wholesale ordering at or (949) 346-5569 to discuss your large scale needs.



ECOLOWIZARD BIO-STIMULANT Product by Ecology Company