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Introducing our video rewards program...

We want people to know how great the EcoloWizard product really works . . . so we need “real people” to say it!  Send us your Honest report (via cell phone video) telling people how you used the EcoloWizard product and the results you personally experienced and you will earn a second “Free” order for your time.  A years supply will be awarded for videos featured on Tube.

Your video testimonies may be used on our website, across social media and possibly highlighted on YouTube.  Be creative when making your video as it could be seen by thousands of people experiencing the same problems and situations as you have.

Video Suggestions:
1. Use your cell phone or other camera focused on yourself, telling others about your experience using the EcoloWizard product and whether you would recommend the product to others. 
2. The background could be your home, garden, store, company sign, logo or just sitting at the kitchen table.
3.  Please display the container showing the EcoloWizard label so people will know exactly what you’re talking about.
4.  Don’t make it too long.  30-60 seconds will do.  If you’ve got a lot to say, then by all means, let her rip! 
5.  Send your videos to:  info@ecologycompany.com 

*** Interested in becoming a dealer of distributor in your area?  We’d love to hear from you!***
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