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US Patent 7637054 Issued to Paul R. Alfrey and Janice L. Alfrey


The patent also covers the creating of the Aerobic bacterial state in Anaerobic bacteria and general odor elimination. EcoloWizard works where bacteria are processing organic waste into plant nutrients.

EcoloWizard eliminates skunk and most all odors


Call and we will arrange the details for you to test our product in your specific application. Call 949 346 5569 or Email during normal business hours PST for a 4 ounce free sample or a larger sample at wholesale plus Shipping.

The samples (4 ounces) that will allow you to treat up to about 200 to 300 gallons of organic waste that can process waste up to seven to ten times faster and also be odor free.

For plants, one half of an teaspoon scattered on the soil above the plant roots will produce super growth for a plant in a one gallon pot. Dosage is a function of the soil condition and plant size. Soil rich in compost works the best

Five gallon plants normally need about one half of an tea spoon to start and additional dosage as necessary

Start the test with a small dose as suggested and wait about a week. Caution over dosing will supply sufficient oxygen to stunt growth of the soil bacteria and real over dosing will kill plants.

Dose according to the plant size. For example, I use about four to six ounce for my full grown orange tree in my yard about every three months.

We accept credit cards by phone or by email. To protect your card when emailing, we suggest that you send a photo of the front of the card and the secret code as text in your Email. along with your address.

If you do not find the sample to be what we advertise or you do not like the product, we will return the product cost without any hassle. We would love to know why the EcoloWizard did not work in your application if you will explain.

We are at your service to assist you with most all waste processing applications

Our Bio Stimulant is sold under the names,

EcoloWizard creates the Hyper Aerobic Condition in Waste processing anaerobic or aerobic applications.

Allowing, faster processing, reduced sludge, and no H2S odors or corrosion.

Using EcoloWizard along with aeration greatly reduces sludge and allows lower aeration requirements and reduced mechanical aeration cost.

Typical waste Dairy waste water lagoon before and after

EcoloWizard provides the soil bacteria all the nutrients to allow the Hyper aerobic condition, that allows massive reduction in fertilizer use, reduction in irrigation and increased plant production.

Allowing nature to provide the plant nutrients allows increased plant heath as well as growth.

Farmers are finding that more good Compost and a REAL BIO Stimulant produce more and cost less than massive fertilizer use.

Definition of a Bio Stimulant

Our Patented Bio Stimulant is a multi ingredient compound that stimulates natures natural facultative bacteria into a more aggressive aerobic action, that is defined as Hyper aerobic.

Bio Stimulant may be applied to any biomass where the bacterial process converts organic material into nutrients. Bio Stimulant used for soil bacteria are normally applied to plants root area, seeds or the plant environment with the intention to stimulate the natural soil bacteria processes.

Using a Bio Stimulant to aid processing sewage and waste, allows a reduction in processing time and cost, eliminates odor and the elimination of H2S stop corrosion. The H2S gas combines with moisture to form sulfuric acid that is very harmful to humans, birds and animals.

Stimulating the soil bacteria allows reduced use of chemical fertilizer, reduced irrigation and increased plant health and crop production.

Chemical fertilizers are the best guess at what the various plants need for best growth. Stimulating the natural bacteria with a Bio Stimulant allow the plant to obtain the nutrients that are needed and provided by natures natural process.

The big fertilizer companies have educated farmers to believe that the more fertilizer used, the better the plant growth. Farmers are finding that crops grown naturally, are heather, taste better to animals and humans. Naturally grown crops are making a come back as buyers are demanding healthier food products.

The Ecology company's Bio Stimulant

Our Bio Stimulant are designed to provide bacteria the minerals, nutrients, vitamins, carbon and soil conditioners long term the nutrients that are necessary to allow hyper aerobic bacterial that is better than all known other Stimulant. Humic Acid is not required in most situations as an additional soil additive.

The Ecology Company's goal is to provide the products and technology necessary to aid in the processing of organic waste produced by the huge and increasing population and use the processed waste to increase agriculture production for the growing world population

Industry and businesses all need to process organic waste into plant nutrient that provide nutrients for nature's natural plant growing cycle.

The Bio Stimulant (EcoloWizard) we invented is better than all the competing Bio Stimulants or like products. Guaranteed. Read on to know why.

The Bio Stimulant (EcoloWizard) produces the HYPER AEROBIC condition that cannot be achieved with enzymes, additional bacteria or other materials.

Our Technology is patented in the USA. We also have patents in Australia and New Zealand

Dosing with EcoloWizard, can produce hyper aerobic digestion rates in excess of the normal seven times the digestion rates of normal anaerobic digestion rate.

Using the Bio Stimulant (EcoloWizard) as a soil adamant will allow greatly reduced fertilization and need for aeration is decreased along with reduced irrigation. Farmer have reported that they can reduced use of pesticides. Along with the increased crop production by 50% or more.

We encourage and will assist you, if you wish to conduct your own test of our Bio Stimulants. You tell us what or how you wish to test and we will assist you by supplying product at wholesale cost and information about testing and previous tests. If you are not satisfied with the test, we refund the product cost.

Use your nose to determine when a biomass is aerobic or Septic/anaerobic. No H2S odor indicates the aerobic condition. H2S is not only poison to living creatures but is also combustible and can be explosive..

The Ecology Company's Email and telephone numbers are. -- or call 949 346 5569 if you wish additional information

The Ecology Company can supply samples and information for companies that wish to distribute the Bio Stimulant.

For sample information, please select the option "Suggested Retail Price" from the INDEX Menu.

We are at your service to assist you with most
all waste processing applications

Our products are non volatile, have a long shelf life and do not contain bacteria, perfume, compounds containing metals, enzymes, sodium nitrate or plant extracts. The EcoloWizard may be colored and a perfume may be added if you wish.

The normal bacteria consume our EcoloWizard completely and produce plant nutrients.

EcoloWizard is formulated with Hydrated products. This is to allow the bacteria some of the moisture they require for normal growth. If the dry product is exposed to the air and the humidity is above 20%, the product will absorb moisture from the air and liquefy. The product is not harmed and may be used as a liquid. Adding water to make a liquid is a normal procedure.

The liquidation is a slow process and takes days and occurs in normal humidity conditions. In very high humid conditions, above 60%. the moisture absorbing is more rapid.

For the bottled product, keep the lid on and tight when not in use.. If you use less than a full bag, store the remaining product in an air tight plastic container.

Operating in the more efficient AEROBIC state is natures\'s natural process. Bacteria in the Aerobic condition lower the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) of a Bio Mass and do not produce H2S, ammonium or methane gas as the bio mass is converted to plant nutrients.

EcoloWizard may be likened to "A Growth Hormone or Vitamin" for facultative bacteria.

EcoloWizard stimulate the bacterial to a HYPER AEROBIC condition that Eliminates odors and increases the digestion rate of the waste.

Nature provides the bacteria. There is no need normally to inoculate a bio mass with additional bacteria or enzymes


Instant Odor Elimination. --- Existing sulfide odors are Instantly Eliminated via oxidation. Long term odors are eliminated by creating the AEROBIC condition where the bacteria produce odorless Carbon Dioxide, not Hydrogen Sulfide gas.

Misting diluted EcoloWizard with a misting system, will oxidize and eliminate airborne odors. This effect is used extensively where controlling the source of the odor is difficult to treat. For example land fills or indoor facilities processing smelly materials. A dry mist fog (droplet size of two or three microns) is used in areas where people must work or for animal housing.


Nature provides bacteria and fungus to assist plant's root systems to obtain the nutrients necessary for growth. The bacteria process the organic material in the soil to produce the nutrients that plants need. Nature supplies the desired bacteria and fungi for the particular plant.

Stimulating the Natural bacteria and fungus in the soil plant root system, provide the Nutrients that Plants need for Healthy and Strong Growth.

Chemical fertilizers are the best guess at the plant's nutrients needs. Nature is better than "best guess" fertilizers.

Assisting and Allowing nature to produce the proper nutrients, produce amazing results as compared to heavily fertilized plants. The dosage of EcoloWizard required for soil bacteria stimulation can be as low as 160 pounds of Bio Stimulant per acre. Some farmers have found that 160 to 200 pounds per acre gave better results for some crops.

The Bio Nutrient or Stimulant may be applied at the start of planting, again at mid growing season and the third about a month before harvest. Testing will determine the best application for your specific soil and other parameters. Farmers are finding that some crops only need two applications per growing season. Your soil, the amount of organic material and the plant all are factors that determine the correct dosage.

The application of the Bio Stimulant is best applied to the soil above the root ball and allowed to penetrate the soil, Application to the leaves is not recommended as the undiluted Bio Stimulant can cause damage to the leaves.

Spraying the foliage with a highly diluted mixture of water and Bio Stimulant can reduce the plant odors and the attraction of insects.

Plants grown organically have higher levels of vitamin B-12 than plants grown with chemical fertilizers.

Farmers have found that cattle prefer plants grown organically as animal feed, over plants grown with chemical fertilizers.

Dairy farmers that use pond water for irrigation that is treated with EcoloWizard have found that cattle prefer the plants irrigated with the EcoloWizard treated water.

Plants irrigated by a irrigation system using EcoloWizard treated water will attract cattle and the cattle consume the "sweeter" plants than the plants that have been irrigated with ground water and chemical fertilizers.

The popularity of organically grown food products obviously would be because they are tastier or "sweeter".

EcoloWizard works with the Natural bacteria and the results are increased crop production along with reduced fertilization as much as 50% and irrigation demands reduced as much as 10%. Increased production, as much as 50% to 100% increase, has been achieved for crops.

Plants that are supplied by nutrients the natural way have better resistance to insects and damaging fungus. Nature's ways of providing the nutrients plants need for healthy growth is superior to the over use of chemical fertilizers. Over dosing with fertilizers tends to retard the natural bacterial action that produces healthy plants.

Returning organic matter to the soil is necessary for good plant growth. Farmers and Landscapers must return to the old-fashioned method of returning as much organic material as is possible to the soil, not to the trash pile or burning the organic left over's

Our New Innovative Bio Stimulant is Patented.

Our products are competitively priced, NON Hazardous, Biodegradable and are completely digested by the bacteria and 100% warranted to work as advertised.


The Ecology Company is not now associated with the BioMagic Company in any way. The inventors of the Bio Stimulant successfully sued BioMagic Inc and the law suit prohibits BioMagic from manufacturing or selling products covered by the Alfrey patents.

Sales now encompass the USA and Australia. New Zealand is open for a distributor

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